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Brand Excellence Hall of Fame Awards 2020

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Shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, businesses worldwide have lost revenues and jobs, and analysts predict a slow and tough recovery in many industries. But when the odds are stacked against them, companies can rely on a solid brand to increase their value, provide employees with motivation, and make acquiring new customers easier.

In fact, creating brand awareness is a key step for everyone, whether promoting a new product or reviving an older brand. The winners of last night's the Brand Excellence Hall of Fame Awards have achieved excellent results in that area, as experts say that products and services maintaining a high level of brand awareness are likely to generate more sales, while consumers confronted with choices are simply more likely to buy a familiar name brand product.
The latest addition to Business Arena's event portfolio was warmly received by the business community and it became a success from its first edition. With its strong tradition in recognizing and encouraging business excellence, achievements and overall success, Business Arena celebrates innovation, resourcefulness, perseverance and a culture of responsible risk-taking through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in brand management.
Looking at big picture, a 2019 report by Brand Finance, an independent brand valuation consultancy firm, notes that "the aggregate value of the top 50 Romanian brands has increased 17% to five billion euro." It also points out that "the rise is much higher than the 4.1% annual growth of the Romanian economy in 2018."
"Top brands continue to enjoy a higher growth in value than the economy as a whole, and brand-strong companies see their value increase even when economic growth slows down. Biggest Romanian brands continue to build momentum and are better prepared for the future," Brand Finance CEO David Haigh was quoted as saying.
Business Arena organized the event with the support of its partners: CEC Bank, Garanti BBVA, Idea Bank, Apulum Porcelain Factory, Romaqua Group Borsec, Via Viticola, Chocoland, Grande Gloria Production, Worldclass Romania, Kanal D, Casa Anke, Ramada Bucharest Parc Hotel.
Aida Events, a young cultural production company, provided the musical interludes, and the event was moderated by Andi Alexandru Antemia. See Business Arena's upcoming print edition for more photos and reactions from the awards celebration.


Luxury and Craftsmanship Brand of the Year


Recognizing its strong innovation and creativity in building a successful brand image, with a high degree of customer awareness and satisfaction.

Most Admired Forward-Thinking Brand


Recognizing its strong innovation and creativity reflected in the successful launch of the First Videobank project that has achieved a high level
of recognition and admiration in the industry.

Most Admired Romanian Brand


Recognizing its efforts to create a strong brand identity, based on tradition, innovation and outstanding product quality.

Digital Transformation Brand of the Year


Recognizing its efforts to create a strong brand identity as a powerful, reliable and socially responsible bank, based on innovation and customer-first attitude, in a time when digital transformation is on the rise when talking about contactless payments, robots and any other processes that imply a core change in the evolution of banking.

Best Financial Services Brand


For its outstanding contribution to creating a strong loan brokerage industry, for strategic thinking and innovation in providing cutting-edge products and services in a highly competitive market segment.

Most Dynamic Brand Identity Strategy


For innovation and determination in building a strong brand identity and a high degree of awareness, with a strong customer-oriented philosophy and CSR involvement in its five years of market presence in a highly competitive industry.

Most Admired Corporate Banking Brand


Recognizing outstanding strategy and strong business model, reflected in successful expansion of brand and services, while achieving a high level
of recognition in the corporate banking segment.

Most Admired Brand in Winemaking Industry


Premium brand Caii de la Letea has, in a short time, achieved the highest level of recognition and admiration in consumers' mentality and buying habits.

Best Brand Consistency Strategy


Recognizing its outstanding success in building a powerful and consistent brand image, with products, services and communication strategies, enjoying a high degree
of customer awareness and satisfaction.

Best International Wellness Brand


For leadership, strategic thinking and innovation in creating a strong and successful market presence, with a sustainable and modern business model.

Brand Growth Strategy of the Year


For achieving a high level of recognition and admiration in the industry for its commitment to create strong brand awareness through customer-oriented strategies.

Excellence in Brand Awareness


For securing a strong position as one of the most important players in the Romanian media market through a very well articulated communication strategy on
brand values and through the content of its programs.

Most Admired Banking Brand in Romania


With a 155-year history, CEC Bank has constantly reinvented itself in
order to keep its brand fresh in an ever changing and competitive marketplace, securing a place among the largest and most dynamic commercial banks in this market.

Best Brand Awareness Development Strategy


For achieving a remarkable level of market awareness in a short time, with high quality products and successful marketing strategies
in a highly competitive market segment.

Best Manufacturing Industry Brand


Recognizing its success in creating a strong brand identity, based on tradition, innovation and outstanding product quality.

For more details and photos from this special event, see the next print edition of Business Arena.

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