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Austria-Romania Roundtable Business Conference 2019

1804 afisari
Frequent changes in legislation and taxation, stuffy bureaucracy continue to represent major hurdles for investors in Romania. However, Austrian investors have positive expectations and continue to remain strongly committed to their development plans in this country. In this context, Business Arena is proud to announce its annual event dedicated to Austrian investors. Business leaders, bankers and entrepreneurs will all get together to discuss and share their views on the latest economic trends and challenges at Business Arena's 2019 Austria - Romania Roundtable Business Conference. Representing one of the strongest business communities in Romania, Austrian investors have created more than 100,000 jobs in over 6,800 companies, with investments totaling around ten billion EUR.

In line with its tradition, the event will end with an award ceremony in recognition of business success and individual efforts dedicated to the development of Austrian – Romanian business ties.

Invited speakers :

·         Her Excellency Mrs. Isabel Rauscher, the Ambassador of Austria;
·         Mr. Dan Banacu, General Manager, Holzindustrie Schweighofer Romania;
·         Mr. Kent Orrgren, CEO, World Class Romania.

This year's topics for discussion focus on:

Austria’s view on the future of the European Union:

Austrian – Romanian business and economic relations:
- Austrian investment in Romania;
- bilateral trade;
- new sectors of interest for Austrian investors.
Romania’s business environment and its challenges:
- unpredictable legislative and taxation landscape;
- low availability of skilled workforce in some areas;
- slow infrastructure development;
- bureaucracy;
- ways to overcome challenges.

Market attractiveness:
- business sectors with development potential;
- Romanian market’s positive aspects;
- populist political measures and discourse and their impact on business
Economic prospects for Romania in 2019:
- predicted economic growth;
- exchange rate/ interest rate evolution;
- business confidence.

- investment/divestment plans, business expansion/contraction prospects;
- estimated job creation/cuts;
- 2019 turnover and profit expectations;
- opportunities and challenges.

Banking and Finance
- 2018-2019 overview: opportunities and challenges;
- latest developments in Romania’s banking system;
- predicted impact of so-called ‘tax on greed’ on banking operations in
- potential strategies to alleviate new tax burden;
- impact of new tax on corporate and retail customers.

- new development opportunities and competition:
-  challenges facing the sector in 2018;
-       competition;
- taxation

Real estate – growth prospects and investment:
-       new investment opportunities;
-       market attractiveness.

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