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Celebrating the 100th issue of Business Arena

188 afisari
By Cristian Cojanu
As the world is still coming to grips with the new realities of a global panademic, trying to adapt to these unprecedented times, we welcome a special, happy milestone: our 100th issue of Business Arena Magazine. Launched just as the global financial crisis was setting in, our magazine has seen a rough ride, while high production costs and dwindling advertising revenues have forced many newspapers and magazines to migrate online and end their printed versions to save money.
In spite of a difficult start, this expe­rienced team has showed tremen­dous dedication, creativity, and passion to produce a top-quality product for readers and business partners alike. Moreover, the same team used its expertise in business event planning and organization to create new platforms for the local business community to get together, exchange views, and voice hopes and concerns. From roundtable conferences focusing on foreign invest­ment to major awards galas, Business Arena’s events have become unmissable dates in the business event calendar. But none of these could have been achieved without its readers and business partners, who deserve a very big thank you.  

So, with thousands of published interviews and feature stories, and more than 50 conferences and awards galas under its belt, Business Arena looks confidently into the future. Its team of dedicated journalists, graphic design artists, sales and marketing professionals count on innovation and product quality as long-term strategies for development. Business Arena now operates with a combination of permanent and freelance staff and has a wide network of writers, salespeople, conference moderators and digital experts with experience in many different markets which it calls upon when required. This allows Business Arena to respond quickly and appropriately to readers’ and clients’ needs.
Please turn to our dedicated section inside where we are honored to present the messages received from our readers on this special occasion, and once again we would like to thank everyone who has read and supported this magazine. We look forward to 100 more!
As always, Business Arena will continue to keep an eye on all the issues affecting the business community, reflecting its views, hopes and challenges. This is also available in our print edition of Business Arena.

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