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Women who make a difference

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Business people, bankers, entrepreneurs and diplomats got together last night to celebrate the ladies that make a difference in various fields and contribute to the development of Romania’s economy and society.
Once again, Business Arena’s annual Most Admired Business Women Awards Gala recognized women’s success and achievements in the workplace, their creativity and leadership and their vital contribution to the success of business and banking activities throughout Romania.

Their efforts deserve full appreciation as the obstacles they have to overcome are many. A recent EBRD survey showed that higher gender equality in education across eastern Europe still concealed a gap between men and women on the labor market. The survey revealed that some 10 per cent of women and 15 per cent of men have been in tertiary education in Azerbaijan and Serbia while the split is 26 per cent for women and 30 per cent for men in the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia and Poland.

However, even though the education divide has become somewhat narrower, the report shows that women are “less engaged in the workforce than men.” In addition, the report found that women are less likely to be in full-time employment and also handle a “disproportionate share of the housework and care of children and relatives.”

EBRD’s study also found that there are fewer businesswomen in the transition region compared with Germany and Italy and there has been no significant increase since 2010. “While both men and women often cite insufficient funding as the main barrier to setting up a business, more women than men fail to get a business started due to changes in their personal situation, such as having a child.”

The report makes an economic case for more women in the workforce, noting that obstacles to full participation of women in the labor market and decision-making at household, corporate and political levels mean “a great volume of economic potential remains untapped.”

See Business Arena's print edition for more details and photos from this year's edition of the Most Admired Business Women Awards.   




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