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GTS extends its DWDM fiber optic network to Minsk

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Infrastructure-based solution provider GTS Central Europe (GTS) has extended its DWDM fiber optic network to Minsk in cooperation with Beltelecom. According to company officials, the 600 km route directly connects Warsaw and Minsk and represents the shortest route between Russia and Western Europe to offer low latency solutions to the region.
“GTS is committed to delivering leading solutions for our customers and has developed good business relationships with partners in Belarus and Russia. Moscow is an important hub for the financial community and we are delighted to offer to our customers ultra low latency and high performance solutions from Moscow to Frankfurt and London,” said Sunny Kumar, Vice President & Head of Business Development at GTS. ”GTS currently focuses, among other things, on vertical solutions for financial markets and trading environments, where low latency is critical. We plan to launch low latency solutions to the Moscow Exchange in the upcoming month and other financial exchanges in the CEE region including the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the future,” added Sunny Kumar.
The newly built system, based on the latest non-compensated coherent technology, has a capacity of 80 channels, each of which utilizes 100G lambda resulting in an overall maximum capacity of 8Tbps. This system allows GTS to provide latency sensitive solutions not only in all CE countries, but also in the Belarus and Russian territories. This new route is the shortest path for data traffic between Russia and the western financial markets. Traffic connects into Warsaw from where it is transmitted westward to Frankfurt and London and south towards Prague, Budapest and Vienna.
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