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Creation in 'Yin Yang' colours

969 afisari
By Marilena Petrache
Karmen Herscovici's 'Yin Yang' shirt dress collection takes us on a journey to the wonderful masculine/feminine universe, a dual space that can only be complete in the presence of its opposing counterpart.

In fact, the “Yin Yang” concept relies on the belief that the entire Universe is made up of two opposing, but complementary forces.    
The right angles, the somewhat vigorous masculine cuts find their balance in the delicate feminine figure, creating a universe dedicated to both genders.     

The white and black duality points to a symbolism of light and darkness, warm and cold, and in this duality we express our feelings through positively- or negatively-charged emotions.   
Yin Yang means equilibrium, it means harmony; to us it means a perfect life. Accepting our opposites and the wholeness they provide represents the path to absolute bliss. 
The “Yin Yang” shirt dress collection is a fashion poem dedicated to women who know how to find harmony in their womanhood, allowing others to see their sensitive side, while maintaining a strong belief in their own powers, and the courage to make decisions for their own future.   

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