Smocked Dresses for the Win!

Girls love clothing, and if one can find a beautiful, smocked dress that flatters their figure, it is definitely worth the purchase. Smocked is an embroidery technique used when the fabric is gathered and stitched together. The smocked part then becomes quite stretchy as elastic is stitched through it. Originally the smocking technique was used in cuffs, bodices, and necklines of garments as it would help the item fit firmly against one’s body. As a result, one typically gets a smocked dress or a shirt in this style. However, more and more garments are using it as a fashion trend. Should one need help deciding what to look out for in a smocked style, reading, reviews like zaful reviews is a great way to gain knowledge on this fabric style and what type of products are available. Remember that shopping is part of a women’s self-care routine, and you deserve to spoil yourself every once in a while!

Things to consider when buying a smocked dress.

The first thing that one should consider is a budget. Deciding how much to spend on a garment will ensure one stays within budget and gets caught up in the shopping spirit when put and about. After that, one must decide on what length of dress they want. One can purchase a mini skirt that ends above the knee, a midi dress that ends just below the knee, and a maxi dress that is typically down to one’s ankles. After that, one should look at fabric and color. It is important to remember if one prefers patterns or just plain colors. Remember that sticking to a solid, more neutral color provides a good base, as one can dress it up or down with various accessories. The neutral color is also more versatile as it combines numerous other items and colors.

How to wear a smocked dress in a glamorous way:

Anyone can wear an item of clothing, but how they style it and wear it confidently makes a fashion statement. For example, wanting to dress up a smocked dress for a fancy event can be achieved by pairing the dress with a pair of high heels. Likewise, one can pair it with neutral heels for a classy work event or sparkly glitter heels for a party. Depending on the neckline of the dress, a sparkly choker or a longer necklace will turn that dress from drab to glam. Add on some sparkly earrings to match and call it a day. Take it a step further by using a small clutch handbag. Nothing says glam like a small clutch. Lastly, drape it over your shoulders with a shawl or a wide scarf. Doing this will provide warmth on a chilly night, bringing the outfit together and making you look elegant and glamorous.

So why not look out for a smocked dress when you are at the shops and next time you have a formal event, throw on that dress, grab those heels and dress yourself up. Even children enjoy playing dress up when younger and making themselves look beautiful. So, dress up and let the evening fun begin.