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Home appliance and IT&C retailer Domo aims high. With investments in key areas and improved customer satisfaction, the company hopes to become a market leader in its highly competitive sector. In an exclusive interview with Business Arena, Kim Koellner, the companya
What characterized the home appliance and IT&C market last year? 
In 2013, the electronic goods and IT&C market was very dynamic in terms of pricing, but not very innovative in terms of improvements in its specific distribution channels off- and online. Nevertheless, there was significant growth compared to 2012 and that trend will continue in 2014. The best sellers included various subcategories of products in areas such as major and small domestic appliances and telecom. But from customers’ point of view there is still a need for improved product awareness, a clearer product mix and real support in their decision-making process.

What were your company’s main achievements in 2013?
We will continue our trend and maintain our target to increase drastically our market share in 2014 and beyond. In 2013, we were able to increase our market share more than expected, which made us very happy.
Our main focus is our customers. If we have a good understanding of the market and are able to fulfill our customers’ needs, we will achieve our goal to become market leaders, based on customer satisfaction.

What products recorded the highest sales in 2013?
Telecommunication products saw the biggest growth. If we look at telecom service providers’ development, we realize that the strong increase in that segment has been supported by market trends. In addition, those products have a faster lifecycle, due to frequent improvements and new technology. The faster lifecycle, higher rotation, innovation, high competition and strong service support sustain this continued growth.

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